2015 Demo

by Recovery

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released January 2, 2015



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Recovery South Carolina

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Track Name: Crucial Question
The good news is out
about the Son of Man and his identity
but even today people still say,
"What's this Jesus all about?"

Teaching, healing and driving out demons
He's working miracles and talking in parables
Is he John the Baptist? Just one of the prophets?
Who is he?

A crucial question, a recognition of identity
Peter's perception of Jesus the Nazarene

"Who do you say I am?"

This timeless question God is still asking:
who is this Jesus? Now what do you say?

Who do YOU say he is?

The claim is made, what do you say-
is he the Messiah, lunatic, or a liar?
What do you say?

*see Matthew 16:13-19
Track Name: Transfer of Salvation
I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart
I wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ
for the sake of the unsaved

Take away my salvation, give it to another
I'd secure my damnation if it would save my brother
I can't take the dejection that comes from knowing
transfer of salvation is impossible

I echo Paul's cry over Israel

Accept them, reject me
forgive them, forget me
redeem them, condemn me
elect them, neglect me

Transfer of salvation
I'd give up my own to save a lost soul
Transfer of salvation is impossible

Transfer of salvation

*see Romans 9:1-5
Track Name: Apathy
You've got questions, you've got objections that deserve attention and addressing
It can be overwhelming to a seeker (of truth) when hit all at once with it, but please don't give up trying, thinking and talking, searching and finding the route to the truth
Please don't become apathetic based on current perceptions

Who is God? What's His Word? Who's His Son?
What's the Trinity? Why should it matter to me?
If He so good, what's with all the bad? If He's so loving, what about the judgment?
Are the Scriptures just ancient man-made writings filled with contradiction?
And what about all the other religions?
Is Jesus who he claimed to be?
And what's all this mean for me?

Don't lose hope in finding the answers to your questions
Fight through opposition and address the objections
Challenge your current perception

Lose the apathy and find out what it means to see truthfully

*see Isaiah 42:20 & John 14:26
Track Name: Spiritual Drought
I'm numb, I'm dumb; am I the only one
who goes through these seasons of
seemingly never-ceasing
spiritual drought?

Waiting and waiting but the cycle doesn't end
Should take action but I don't know when
I'll make the connection, beg for direction,
give my confession, learn my lesson

My powerlessness and incompetence
show only God can remove the veil
that's spiritually blinded me, numbed me, deprived me
of the life I need, to be near to and hear You

Is this depression or preparation?
Time in the desert or straight tribulation?
What to do to regain the feeling in this brittle, battered spirit?

Blame the war, blame myself, neglect the Word, so full of doubt,
disconnect, forget to pray, indifference grows, can't stay here
Days to weeks to months, I'm messing up
I'm missing out on the abundant life

*see Psalm 63:1
Track Name: Lust Lover
Try to justify an artificial love
Try to rationalize all the lies embedded in your head
Try to escape from the bonds of this drug
Try to block out God's existence just for an instant

Believing the lies: it's natural, it's healthy,
it helps me, can't hurt me,
no wrong, no right, it ain't addiction, I could quit it
Get it straight: it's addictive, it's progressin',
and it's messin' with God's intention for the mind,
for the heart, and the way you relate to others

Worship the Lord, block Him out, just long enough, defeat
Worship a body, hate yourself, ask forgiveness, repeat

Lover of lust, habit's become a "must"
You spit in His face when you choose lust over love
Lover of lust, always craving more and more
Until you decide enough is enough

Get the help you need
No reason to live defeated
Christ set you free, so in word and deed
glorify God with the Spirit's temple (we're called to peace)

Don't try to justify an artificial love
You can't escape from the bonds of this drug, not alone

*see Colossians 3:1-17 & FightTheNewDrug.org
Track Name: Two Faiths
Two faiths, one major mistake
let me walk you through what I'm going through:
Another day, just trying to stay
awake and alert, and remain God-conscious

Learning the way of the Savior who reigns,
it's amazing to say that my heart has changed
Come a long way, but now it's a shame
how I'm lacking the faith that it takes to obey
I can't stay, don't wanna stand in the way...

Of God's plan and what He's been doing
you know it's exciting to see how He's moving
But I can't get past the fact I'm losing
faith in myself to do His will and...

I'm stuck in a rut, thinking about His plan for me
stressing over how it seems to me to be
better and higher than my capability
No more faith in myself, only uncertainty

Two faiths, now one remains
Never wanted to doubt the one who broke my chains
But the fact sinks in, that I'm to blame,
with this false humility I'm doubting Him

Constantly worried about keeping hold of two faiths:
one in God and one in myself to do His will
when really all I need is to trust in who God is
He can work through my mistakes and failures
He can break through my selfishness and lack of commitment

*see Job 42:2-6
Track Name: Acts of Boldness
We, the church, need the boldness,
need to follow in the footsteps of those before us -
like Peter, John, Stephen, and Paul
in the face of threats, and death, opposition, persecution
we can't stop preaching, teaching, speaking truth boldly
and living out love the way Christ showed us
we need the boldness

We need a worldwide awakening,
a renewed perspective,
a call and resolve to
share our faith boldly

We need to focus, drop the silent act,
be not afraid or ashamed
to speak facts boldly
and show mercy
just like God showed us

*see the Book of Acts
Track Name: Top Priority
So much time spent searching for fulfillment in filth
when sufficiency and satisfaction come from the One
who creates, saves, restores, adores
Let our devotion and praise be only to the One who reigns

Following Jesus brings division in families
He came to "turn a man against his father,
and daughter against her mother"
Household full of enemies
but who are we called to love and pray for?

We gotta worship the One who's worthy, not give in to idolatry,
we gotta speak truth to our families and recognize the top priority

What do you care about?
Where's your time spent?
Who do you love most?
Where's your top priority?

*see Matthew 6:19-21 & 10:35-39